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Website Design

When you choose Pleiades Projectworks, you get a custom website that grabs visitors' attention and expresses who you are. From the very first steps in our process, we are studying the best way to tell your brand story and communicate your values, all with practices and techniques that produce results.

What You Get

Good Fundamentals

Industry Best Practices in UX/UI/SEO

Our websites are built to work well for both robots and people, with events that make analytics easy and a User Experience that leads visitors where you want them to go.

Ongoing Upkeep

Maintaining Your Site For You

For a low monthly fee, we make sure that your site is free from problems and constantly optimized. We make sure that visual or operational issues never remain more than 24 hours.

Regular Updates

Saving You a New Website Every 5 Years

We can provide seasonal or promotional changes to your webpage to emphasize important periods for your business. And if you're already paying for upkeep, we'll make sure your site doesn't go out of style.

Mission Briefing

We start with what makes your business unique — what challenges you've faced, your strong points, your not so strong, and most importantly, your goals. We talk to you about what you want your business and brand to evoke in your visitors, and who you want to be. From there, we craft a design that articulates that in color, shape, and graphic. If you need a logo, we take care of that too.



We create some models of how we think your website could look, and draft copy that will help structure the page. We rely on input from you about what sounds and looks right — this part usually requires a lot of "no's." Once we think we have something good, we'll make a high fidelity version so you can give the OK.


Content Cultivation

Every good website has high-quality images and sometimes custom graphics. If you have them, we filter though and find what works, and if you don't, we get them made. Then we optimize and compress everything for SEO and page speed.


Website Creation

Now we're ready to get started. We take our prototypes and make them a reality, using industry best practices in UX and SEO. We make sure everything is optimized for both mobile and desktop use.


Testing & Analytics

Extensive testing takes places to ensure that the site functions free from errors or unexpected quirks. Also, if you opt-in, we set up conversion and usage analytics events for integration with Google Analytics and ads.



The wait is over and your webpage is ready to launch! You set the time, and then we push the big, red button.


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