Boost Your Brand Presence

Google Ads

Ever wondered if you could boost your business past the competition? When Pleiades manages your Google Ads, you pay a flat fee for scaling results and an agency that takes an active role. We'll work with you to develop ads that bring in the kind of business you need, and we can work with nearly any budget. We'll even teach you how it works.

What You Get

Full Feature Ads

Making Your Content as Thorough as Possible

Google Ads ranks your material based on how thorough your ads are and on how relevant they are to the searchers interest. We make sure your ads have photos, logos, important keywords, and everything else they need to capture it. We also ensure they're hooked up to calls on forms on your site.

Custom Analytics

Hand-tooled Scripts for Tracking Engagement

Pleiades is comprised of web-developers, which means we are literate in complex web tools used to write our own tags and scripts for measuring how visitors interact with your ads and website. For even out most basic level of advertising we make sure that these are optizimed to provide accurate and useful information.

Targeting & Remarketing

Precision Focus on Your Most Relevant Demographics

When we design your ads, we research who is searching for subjects like yours, and who isn't, but should be. If you want us to, we can split some of your ad dollars into focused remarketing campaigns that remind past customers of your brand.


We start with where you're at and where you want to go. Who do you want to attract, how big do you want to get, and how fast? These decisions form the basis of a long-term strategy that we begin immediately. We come up with creative solutions for content that you approve of, and outline the most important things to highlight about your business.


Site Audit

Site optimizaiton has an enormous effect on the efficiency of your ads, as Google's ad algorithm penalizes slow pages and rewards authoritative results. We go through your website and public profiles with a fine-toothed comb, making sure they operate free of errors and at maximum speed, while also giving searchers what they're looking for.


Competitive Analysis

Every brand, no matter how successful, has competitors that are doing things better than they are. Pleiades researches your competitors at every level and determines their strengths and weaknesses, translating them into tweaks and opportunities for you.


Keyword Planning

At this stage, you're ready to begin your Google Ads journey. We craft keyword plans that we share with you, showing how each stage tackles your competitors at that level. If you already have a plan for SEO, we incorporate it into our ads strategy, since your Google Ads rank higher if you also organically bid for keywords.


Ad Creation

Once we have our keywords planned out, we develop full-service ads filled with sitelinks, calls-to-action, and photos. If you're running a shopping campaign, we sync your products with your website or e-commerce provider, getting you listed on Google Shopping. When we deploy these changes, we like to coordinate them with other pieces of your advertising or merchandising plans.


Monitor Growth

Many ad agencies have a 'set it and forget it' approach to their ads. Not us. We monitor their performance and make sure they continue performing, while incorporating changes to your business and merchandising. Then you see the results!


For a Flat Rate of $650/mo

Pleiades Projectworks

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