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Is Your Website Slow or Outdated?

A fix doesn't have to break the bank. Talk to one of our experts about repairing or replacing an outdated site, and get to know affordable web design.

Need Help Getting Ranked on Google?

Pleiades offers affordable SEO services with proven results, using best practices and insider techniques to get your business visible online.

Is Your Online Advertising Working?

Ads through Google, Yelp, or email can be tricky. We have the expertise to deliver a proper return on your investment.

Have You Got a Tech Problem You Can't Fix?

There's a lot of different problems a business can have, and we like to help out. Talk to us about your

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At Pleiades, we charge a fair price for our services. The complexity of online marketing is often intentionally exaggerated by agencies offering SEO and SEM services — we don't do that. Our monthly reports tell you everything that we're doing and how it works, so that you can be a part of the process.


We're here to bring the boutique design experience to small businesses. Our team of experienced designers and developers work closely with you to ensure that we not only provide a solution that works fits your needs, but one that works with your ideals and values.


This means three things: the first is that we provide the service you want; the second is that when designing both websites and online strategies, we talk to you every step of the way; and finally, it means we won't leave you out to dry once the check has cleared.

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