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To many of us, SEO is 'digital voodoo' — but it doesn't have to be. At Pleiades, we skip the snake oil and put fate in your hands by developing a comprehensive digital presence plan that works with where you are now, and where you want to go.

What You Always Get

On-Page Optimizations

Taking the Technical Issues Out of the Equation

We get into the nitty-gritty of your website and, using on-page seo techniques, we remove the technical barriers like speed and accessibility issues that keep you from ranking. We'll write or unwrite any code that's needed.

Blog Content

Building Your Reputation as an Authoritative Name

Based on your monthly plan, we write between 1 and 8 articles a month, all loaded with high-intent keywords and angled to capture the viewer's attention. These articles form the foundation of a great portfolio of backlinks from other sites.

Insightful Strategy

A Future-Proof Plan For Your Business

We like to think of SEO as 'digital PR'. We plan for the long term, and target keywords that you can compete for at your level, and we work with you to make them splash on and off the web with a multi-angle approach.

Regular Reporting

Proving that Our Work Makes an Impact

There are lots of tools an SEO agency can use to show their results, and we use 'em all. We don't expect you to take our word for it; we prove our success to you with data every month.

Boise, Idaho SEO

Why You Should Choose Pleiades for SEO

Affordable Prices

We know what good talent is worth, but we also know what's reasonable to charge. We don't need to gouge customers who rely on our expertise; we just want them to stick around.

Committed to You

When you sign on with Pleiades, you get an agency who is wholly invested in your business, and who will tirelessly work for its success. We stick with you until you're done.

Multi-Diciplinary Expertise

Pleiades has added marketing, strategy, and more to our toolbelt, because the days of hyper-specialization is over. We know how to apply a holistic marketing strategy to your brand.

Nothing Shady

Search engine optimization, even in Boise, is rife with black hat practices leftover from a bygone age of digital marketing. We don't do anything that will get your site penalized later.


As a Boise, Idaho marketing agency, when we outsource (which isn't often), we always keep it in Idaho or the USA. It's important to us to give junior professionals a chance, and to stay in control of quality.

Return on Investment

Even if a single sale is only $20, we're positive we can get you beyond breaking even. Pleiades frequently achieves 3x and 4x ROI on our marketing initiatives.

How it Works


We start with where you are, and with where you want to go. Who do you want to attract, how big do you want to get, and how fast? These decisions form the basis of a long-term strategy that we begin immediately. We come up with creative solutions for content that you approve of, and outline the most important things to highlight about your business.


Site Audit

Site optimizaiton has an enormous effect on your ability to rank on Google, as its algorithm penalizes slow pages and rewards good practices in naming and accessibility. We go through your website and public profiles like Google with a fine-toothed comb, making sure they operate free of errors and at maximum speed.


Competitive Analysis

Every brand, no matter how successful, has competitors that are doing things better than they are. Pleiades researches your competitors at every level and determines their strengths and weaknesses, translating them into tweaks and opportunities for you.


Keyword Planning

At this stage, you're ready to begin your SEO journey. We craft keyword plans that we share with you, showing how each stage tackles your competitors at that level. We continually evaluate this plan, accounting for trends and seasonal opportunities that could boost your exposure.


Content Creation

Our keyword plans inform the changes we make to your website, your online business profiles, and any articles we write for you. Each content addition is made at a specific time with an exact target for brand development. When we deploy these changes, we like to coordinate them with other pieces of your advertising or merchandising plans.



Unlike other SEO agencies, who take your money to backlink your site on thousands of anonymous websites hosted in Nepal, we cultivate real relationships with bloggers, influencers, and news outlets online. We encourage these bloggers to write articles linking to your site, increasing your domain rating and your organic ranking on Google while also advertising your business.



Marketing GoalBlog Posts/WeekCreator OutreachGuest PostingPrice
StarterFor Moderate Growth2/month$750/moGet Growing
ProfessionalFor Faster Results1/week$1500/moTake Off
Lift-OffFor Serious Startups2/week$2500/moGet Started
*Always included: On-Page SEO, website performance boosts, & Google Business Profile help.

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