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Selling online has never been easier, but that doesn't mean running an online business isn't challenging. Pleiades offers plans for e-commerce business consulting, websites for merchants ready to tackle the web, and solutions for integrating your current business strategies into the online marketplace.

What You Always Get

E-Commerce Strategy

Knowledge From the Experts About Selling Online

It isn't always easy knowing where to turn to get started with selling online. We know the ins and outs of online merchant accounts, Google Shopping, Amazon affiliate marketing, and even product trends. We'll work with you to develop a plan for the short and long term.

Software & Platform Integrations

Integrating Your Current Business Solutions

Your business probably has tried and true way of operating, and those shouldn't all change just because you're selling online. We do our best to integrate with your current inventory, delivery, and client-communication systems so that you can keep doing business your way.

Search Engine Optimization

Quality Copy That Gets Your Site Ranking Fast

We use our extensive experience with SEO to write content that both customers and robots will want to read. Our sites are designed to rank organically within 6 months. We also set up your team with SEO training for your products.

Boise, Idaho E-Commerce

Why You Should Choose Pleiades for E-Commerce

Distinct Design

Our custom website design offers better branding, making your business stand out and stay relevant.

Development Experience

Because we're developers first, we can craft any solution you want. We aren't limited by technology.

Diverse Expertise

Pleiades knows marketing, strategy, and more, because the days of hyper-specialization are over.

Performant Websites

Speed is critical. We've created efficient, polished custom kits that leave the bloat behind.


At Pleiades, we stick to what's fair. We don't gouge small business owners.


When you sign on with Pleiades, you get an agency invested in your business. We stick with you through it all.

How it Works

Getting Acquainted

Embarking into e-commerce is something of a journey, so we like to get to know your business thoroughly before we begin. We want to know about your current challenges and what's worked for you in the past, as well as more technical stuff like your payment processors.



You probably have a solid handle on what works for your brick-and-mortar store. We take your successful strategies and meld them with ours, pointing out opportunities we've found in our research. We prep your socials for launch, and if you have competitors, we delve into what they're doing well and do it better.


Operation Optimization

As we begin to prepare for live e-commerce, we take a moment to train and optimize your workflow. Your employees (or you) will need to use your time efficiently once demand arrives, so we make sure everything is consistent, efficient, and secure.


Content Creation

If you don't have a website or content for it, we take the time to develop both the material you need and the process to produce more. Either way, we optimize and compress everything for SEO and page speed. If you've signed up for it, we develop your seasonal or promotional content as well.



At Pleiades, we ensure that you're a part of the development process. If you're developing a website, we go over our protoypes with you, and if it's e-commerce management, we triple-check all our app and service integrations.


Testing & Analytics

Extensive testing takes places to ensure that everything functions free from errors or unexpected quirks, and that customer orders are processed properly. Also, if you opt-in, we set up conversion and usage analytics events for integration with Google Analytics and ads.



Your business is ready to sell online! You set the time, and then we push the big, red button.



Built WithPage TemplatesDomain & Email SetupIdentity & AuthPrice
StarterAny E-Commerce Builder7Platform-dependent$3500 or $200/moGet Started
ProfessionalCustom Code SolutionAny Number¯\_(ツ)_/¯Find Out More
*Always Included: SEO Optimized pages, employee SEO training, & Google Business Profile setup.

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